Succulent Gift Box
Succulent Gift Box
Succulent Gift Box
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Succulent Gift Box

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Good for the environment, good for your body.

The best gift for your favorite plant bae!

Each box has a 2 inch succulent plant in a terracotta pot, as well as an organic soy candle and mini glass jar with match sticks. Want to make the gift package extra special? Add on a sugar scrub or a bath salt!

Each succulent plant is hand picked and well cared for! Each plant is unique, so please allow for variations in shape and colors. If you have any issue with the plant once received, please send me a message!

If you are sending this box as a gift, PLEASE REMEMBER:
1) Update your shipping address to where the gift is headed.
2) Include the names for the TO and FROM
3) Each box comes tied with twine and a note tag- so please don't forget to include what you'd like the handwritten note to say!

Care instructions:
**Avoid direct sunlight! Soft natural light is best. Slowly acclimate the plant to the light in its new environment.
**Water on the soil, not directly onto the leaves. And only when the soil is dry! Succulents tend to need water every 1-2 week, since overwatering can lead to rotted roots.

Made from natural ingredients in a process that does not harm the planet or animals.

My items are all blended, labeled, and packaged in small batches, by hand, and with love by me in Atlanta, Georgia.