About Us

Do you ever find yourself using plurals, like 'us' and 'we'? I do that all the time.

Hues is run by me, Alissa-Marie, aka the one-woman-show. But I still find myself peppering my speech with 'we'. Gotta work on that!

I started Hues because I love creating for others. I personally have always loved painting my nails, but every time I did, I was left with damaged nails. I found out that most mainstream nail polishes use harmful chemicals, aka the reason for my damaged nails! I decided to make polishes for myself... but then I realized that other people might be having the same issues. So, why not share?

I've also just launched my face care line- foaming washes, mists and toners, and even a moisturizing oil!

Every item you see for sale in my shop was made by me. (I mean, honestly, I didn't CREATE essential oils, but I ethically source my materials and everything is tested and combined by me in my Atlanta area home.) I create in small batches, which means my shop items are all made personally and with love. Personal interaction means the world to me, and I believe you can feel that when you use my products.